Help! Sampling rate problems!

I’m using cubase 10.5 LE.
Having a bit of a nightmare. Everything is sped up. Even older projects.
I’m using a Zoom r8 as the interface, its set to 44.1, i haven’t changed this. I go to project settings and it says 44.1 isn’t supported or word to that effect.
If I put the sample rate to 48 then its the right speed but everything is out of whack.
Really don’t want to lose everything I’ve done. I don’t understand how it’s affecting everything, even if something has been accidentally changed recently.
Please help, don’t want to have to do everything again…

Almost despairing!

Do you want 44.1 or 48? Pick one, allow Cubase to convert and “Keep Sample Positions” when asked.

My whole system is set to one sampler rate. EVERYTHING ON MY WS is set to operate at 1 sample rate so that this doesn’t happen.
Multiple things at multiple rates is just a pita.


Thanks for the reply
I want 44.1, that’s what I’ve been doing everything in, but somehow it changed to 48. I probably clicked something without knowing/looking. Definitely haven’t been in project set up.

Just one question when asked about keeping or replacing pool, what should I do there?

I think I might have imported a sample at 48, and that changed settings. Then on one project I did vox at 44.1 as didn’t realise. Don’t understand why other projects have changed though.

No, that will lead to a dialog about the sample rate of that file…

AS far as I remember the default sample rate with Zoom recorders is 48kHz.

The Zoom recorder should follow the sample rate change from Cubase. Make sure that external clocking is disabled, otherwise the recorder/interface will set the sample rate for Cubase. That’s not what you want…

Hi Stefan,

I checked the Zoom and its at 44.1.
I reckon I probably clicked the wrong thing on a dialogue box or something (like a rookie).
I just need to know how to rectify my idiocy.

Ps thanks for your help!

if you set it to 44.1 no problem with this… it connects to the computer via USB and in this mode the computer (Cubase in our case) should be able to set the correct sample rate.
Make sure the driver is installed (PC) or nothing prevents Cubase from switching sample rates (MAC)
If Cubase is set to handle the sample rate settings (beeing the clock master) the R8 should follow instantly without any further interaction.
Disable the external sync in the driver panel and in Cubase settings.

There should be a setting in the program preferences
that disables all warning messages about sample rates…
this gets activated if you click the “Don’t ask again” field
in the “sample rate mismatch” dialog box on importing audio files…