Help : set record Folder

I need helép.
How to manage the “set record folder”. It allways keep the last path I choosed. As I work allways with several projects, it could be great that every time I create a new audio track and record on it,… that the recording files goes inside the folder of the the song opened.
I open songA.cpr from it’s folder “songA”, create an audio track and “set record folder” to songA/audio.
When I open another song “songB.cpr” from songB folder and record audio on a track the audio file go to songA/audio folder:Why ? why the path are not store in each cpr?
If I select now songB/audio folder : ok but If I reopen the SongA.cpr and record audio now the audio file go to songB/audio
why the path are not store in each cpr?
What am I doing wrong ?! the “reset record folder” has no action. Some preference I didn’t know
Best regards

What version of Cubase are you using? In 7.0.6 and 7.5.0, you can click the status column of any subfolder of the ‘Audio’ folder to select the pool record location.
If that’s working, is the pool record folder just not changing locations when you activate a different project?

Thanks for you answer, it give me the motivation to try to understand but a lot of interogation for me.In the pool like in your picture, I saw two kinds of folder the one where I want i.e where I save the “A.cpr” so the folder is “A” and another .…\Untitled-20\audio.
So my questions are:

  1. can we move ( not copy!)a wav file in the pool page, from \untitled\audio.… to “A” folder in one click?! or the solution is only “Backup project” than delete on by one the original audio.

2.Is there a way to change the path of record path when the option" Reset Record Folder" is in grey!! because now I must allways go to the audio track and with the right button “set Record Folder” to point to the path A\audio\ . without this the record material go to .…\Untitled-20\audio !
and every time I add a new audio track I must to that, because the path is wrong : If I click with with the right button in the new audio track and read on “set record folder” it’s written “A\audio” but if I don’t click on Ok the audio file go to .…\Untitled-20\audio
best regards

When you create new projects, what option do you have selected “Use default location” or “Prompt for Project location”?
Using the latter there should be no problems.
I’ve never had an issue with this in any Cubase version I’ve ever worked with (since VST).
While we’re at it why not give a little more detail e.g. what platform and OS you’re working on.

Cubase 10 allows you to set the record folder per track. Simply select a track or tracks, right click on your mouse, and use set record folder to apply your chosen folder to those specific tracks.