Help setting up audio in Cubase

I too am having a hard time. Some of the help videos on youtube have a different look than mine and I cannot find the buttons they suggest to hit. I just do not have those buttons. They are not in the place they show. Maybe they have a different version of cubase ai.

When I go to studio setup there is no vst audio setup and not yamaha steinberg soundcard.

First, please make sure that the ASIO drivers for your audio interface have been installed.

Then select Studio > Studio Setup, and select Audio System at the top of the list to the left. Then use the ASIO Driver field to the top right to select the driver for your device.

Some of the guides on YouTube are outdated. Some menu items have been renamed or moved around a bit, but you should still be able to find the things you’re looking for at similar spots.

Thank you. I believe I downloaded the driver and extracted it. When I go to studio setup I do not see the VST audio system and I do not see Yamaha Steinberg. I do not have the MODX hooked up. What am I missing?

Thank you

Please connect your MODX to your computer using an USB cable and follow the instructions I posted.

And like I said, there’s no “VST Audio System” entry anymore. That has been renamed to just “Audio System”.