Help setting up Cubase 9.5 to use hardware insert effects

I’ve got an compressor I want to hook up to the line in of my scarlett interface and use as an insert effect in Cubase. I just upgraded to the latest version and don’t know my way around as ive been out of the game for a while. Could someone help me set this up please?

A hardware compressor?
Which Scarlett Interface?

Yeah it’s a cali76 hardware in-a-pedal format compressor that has a dedicated LINE/DI with a balanced TRS out on it. The scarlett interface is a 6i6

Well I primarily use it like you suggested (For clean guitar and bass). But people also use it as an insert effect, it’s made for that as well actually. Can use it on vocals acoustic etc… just trying to set it up this way in cubase EDIT: you deleted your post right about the same time I typed my reply. I guess you figured it out LOL

Yea… at first I was looking at the compact version of the pedal which does not even have that Line/DI connection. Sorry about that. And sorry I can’t assist you further.

Someone will though. Good luck. :wink:

Regards. :sunglasses:

Ahhh yeah i forgot to mention it’s the old school one. Almost as big as a cereal box.

Posting the Cubase version still is and always will be the way to go…

Cubase 9.5!!


You have that in your thread title already, but Cubase 9.5 does not exist.

Translation: Cubase 9.5.x?

9.5.20 build 144!!!

Any other details you need from me? social security? lol

It’s easy…(sorta)

  1. Goto External FX section
  2. Create new mono Effect, name it Cali76 and assign the correct I/O
  3. Insert Cali76 hardware insert into a track (type in Cali76 and it will appear) Make sure Mono and not Stereo track

(annoying part)
Now since you cant Save External FX settings for recall-ability and they aren’t saved with project…every time you use that I/O for something else the setting gets erased and will no longer work. So you need to re-do the above.

—>Imagine now having to do that for 32 channels. (thats my life, Cubase doesnt seem to care tho)

Probably would take an engineer in Germany a day or so to implement something better for Cubase 9.5/10.

But hey let’s up the maximum side-chain possibilities for individual tracks from 128 to 256 instead. Because that is so much more important and we need 256 sidechains. It’s a major limitation :confused:

FYI… the latest is 9.5.30 if you are so inclined to update. :wink:

Regards :sunglasses:

Im not talking about version number, I’ m talking about Cubase Version…

So create it as mono send, mono return right? both???

That is really ridiculous you can’t save the setting. Makes no sense to me. I guess people really enjoy doing everything with plugins but I hate it.

mr mysterious over here

I am not sure what you mean by send? I assume you are trying to do inline series compression (not parallel compression)?
If so, then there is no send/return involved.