help setting up Cubase output to desktop speakers

I am new to this program and just can not seem to figure out how to set the playback for Cubase. all Monitors are working perfectly, each instrument comes through the desktop speakers and records tracks, however, when I try to play back the recorded track, nothing comes out of the speakers. Other programs produce sound through the internal sound, and so do the instruments attached to the UR22MKII, but not the program Cubase. as you can tell on the attached screen shot, all the monitors show that there is actual sound being produced but it is not going to the default sound card/desktop speakers as does sound from everything else. any ideas out there?

thank you :confused:
Cubase Screen shot 2 tracks, during playback of track.PNG

I’m guessing you have the mix knob on the UR22 turned all the way left?

So, what’s working: Other programs that use system sound, instruments played live.
What’s not working: Playback of recorded audio tracks.

Direct Monitoring?

So, why do live instruments work? Do you have direct monitoring on, so that the signal from live instruments gets split – one copy routed back to the monitors, the other to Cubase? In that case you’d hear the first copy live, and Cubase would record the second copy. Now, if the monitors are not correctly set up in VST Connections, nothing from Cubase will be sent to the audio interface.

If this is indeed the situation, then all instrument tracks, test tones, metronomes, and effects caused by Cubase would not be heard either. If those tests fail, the problem must be specific to the track.

Control Room?

Cubase AI is supposed to be like Cubase Pro. In Cubase Pro, the control room might be responsible for missing sound. The monitors might be switched off (Power button next to “Main”). The big red knob might be set all the way to the left. In either case, you would see a level on Stereo Out, but not hear it. However, you wouldn’t hear live sound from Cubase either. (And we’re back to the direct monitoring theory.)