help setting up metronome to midi track

Hello. I would like to somehow get the metronome to a tangible (ideally an audio track, but perhaps it’s possible with a MIDI track or VSTi?) track so that I can send different volumes of it to different headphone mixes. I selected the “Activate MIDI Click” box and to a Groove Agent, but can’t seem to get the signal through correctly. The manual is not so helpful on this and my search of this forum yielded little.

I also tried running the audio metronome out a different output than the main outs, thinking that I might be able to patch it into a different in, but it appears that the audio metronome outputs can only be the “main mix.” Am I missing something here?

Cheers, StankyD

Yes, it is possible to route the output of the Metronome to a VSTi (that you have already instantiated in the VSTi Rack). It will be available in the dropdown menu of the Metronome Setup>MIDI Port/Channel.
Otherwise, you could create a MIDI track, filled with the necessary beats.
(In both cases, you would then want to save that as your default template :wink: )

Thanks for the response. As I stated, I was able to get the MIDI click to run to an established VSTi (in my case, I used a Groove Agent One). I have the “Activate MIDI Click” selected. The MIDI port channel is Groove Agent One/ Channel 10. The input of my Groove Agent MIDI Track is Channel 10. The output is to the input of the GA One, Instrument track, which is going out to my main control room outs (1/2). I can see that a signal is getting to the actual groove agent by means of the light in the top left corner, but again, I can hear no signal passing unless I activate the audio click, which appears to only rout to the main outs. I sure wish we had a metronome track instead of this difficult to use metronome. Most of the time it’s only me in the studio and that is no problem, but shouldn’t I be able to route different degrees of the click to different headphone mixes.

I have attached a copy of the mix file. There is no data; I was just setting up for a session tomorrow. I’ve likely just gotten something switched wrong. Again, if anybody can help, it would be awesome.

Happy recording, StankyD
Steadfst Ramblers.cpr (281 KB)

You’re gonna kick yourself! :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile:
You haven’t loaded any kit into Groove Agent One .

Yeehaw! Thanks so much.