Help Setting Up Sustain Pedal In Cubase 12 Pro

I recently purchase an MPK 261 Midi Controller and a Sustain Pedal. Ive researched for two days trying to find the answer on this issue I am having. When I first set up the controller, when I press the pedal, it would mute a track channel while the pedal was pressed.

I simply want to know where to go in cubase 12 pro to set up the sustain pedal and what I need to do to get it set up. Any help is much appreciated.

Thank You

Do you have any MIDI Remote, Generic Remote or Mackie remote configured? (Check your Studio Setup Dialog.)

Strangely you are not the first one to ask such a question. I feel there is a basic lack of understanding how MIDI works even in the slightest.

Your sustain pedal is most likely conncted via a TRS jack to your MPK261, correct?
In this case your MPK261 is responsible for converting the pedal’s signal into proper MIDI data. That ought to be of the type MIDI controller 64. However, you need to make sure that your keyboard is set up accordingly. Read its manual.

Cubase will then merely receive MIDI data and put it through, only changing the MIDI channel on the way.

Whichever device is then to receive that MIDI data (plugin or external synth) needs to have the type of MIDI data (most likely controller 64) mapped to its sound generating engine to execute the sustain.

Or in short: by default Cubase relays the incoming MIDI signal neutraly to the designated output.

However #1: What @mlindeb hinted at: If the MPK261 is setup as a MIDI Remote Control the MIDI data will be taken as remote control data for Cubase instead of data for another device. So please follow that advice.

However #2: Cubase (Artist and higher) is able to modify incoming MIDI messages to become some other MIDI message if so desired. The key term to search the manual for is “input transformer”.

The Midi Remote is set to Akai - MPK261 and Configured by Steinburg. in Studio Setup. All my controls from the MPK261 work fine in Cubase but the Sustain Pedal. The Midi Controller itself is set up correctly for the Sustain Pedal and its port.