Help! Silence from all tracks except GrooveAgent


I wonder if anyone knows what on earth happened to my Cubase (9.0) Two days ago all working fine, shutdown normally, nothing suspicious occurs. Today boot up and run Cubase, load up the project I was working on (or any project in fact) and all the tracks except Groove Agent are silent… Audio and VST Instruments - nothing. no VU meter activity. Strangely I can play VST instruments still using my midi keyboard, but it seems they don’t want to play any of the recorded parts. similarly, live monitoring still seems to function on the Audio tracks, but recorded audio is just not playing.

This is a windows 10 PC, tried running maintenance on the eLicences etc. Tried a repair install of cubase. no difference.

Would be mega grateful if anyone can shed some light on this!



Well, after a reboot, all seems to be working again! Very strange!

Seems cubase and win updates need a restart. If not, something happens to the routing or audio driver’s.