HELP: Soft E-licenser missing !!

Hi everybody,
Since I have updated my system (BIOS included) still with the same computer, I have a bad problem: my Soft E-licenser just disappeared! (see screen capture attached).
I tried all the maintenance operations in eLicenser Control Center, I tried to uninstall / reinstall Cubase, then uninstall / reinstall eLicenser Control Center (the latest version), I also tried (still with admin rights) elc-installation-helper, which fails installation everytime.
To sum it up, no matter what I do, nothing seems to solve my problem.
I realized, comparing to an older computer I have that “SeLicenser.sel” has disappeared from the folder “C:\ProgramData\Syncrosoft”. This folder is empty and remains empty no matter what I do.
Does anyone have an idea of how I could fix this and have a Soft-Elicenser appearing anew in the eLicenser Control Center software (even if I have to reactivate all my Steinberg apps) ?
I also wrote to the Steinberg support team but I fear that they will probably need some time before replying and I thought that maybe someone here would help me.
Thanks to everyone anyway!

Hi and welcome,

Try to follow this knowledge base article, please.

it´s no work with me too.

Hi Brunocesarlk,
At the time, I have contacted directly the Steinberg support. Here is the reply I received back then:

"Install eLCC Helper


Uninstall eLCC

Install this software:

And the update:


I hope it helps! Let us know if this works for you,