Help... special character (’) instead of ‘ (apostrophe) character in Meta-data

Hi folks… I’ve just switched to Mac from PC.
When I prep meta-data, I’m getting weird symbols instead of apostrophes or accents (titles are in French) Philippe… tu peux m’aider? Weird symbols only appear in Windows. Everything is fine on Mac. Help!

Please describe an accurate procedure that leads to the problem, with WaveLab 10.0.70

Merci PG

I’m using Wavelab 9 on mac mini chip M1
When i enter any type of character (’) or (é), those characters are flawed on Windows.
This has probably nothing to do with Wavelab but as this is a new mac (I was on PC for 25 years) I’m trying to find a solution. Encodage UTF-8 vs iso 8859

Je parle ici dans le meta-data. Titres, nom de l’artiste, …

WaveLab 10.0.70 has a more “universal” encoding for metadata, if I remember right.
But anyway, if you want to be cross-platform safe for sure, don’t use accents.

I’ve removed accents and apostrophes… But this is for a French artist, so not ideal!
I won’t upgrade to 10 just yet unless I know for sure that encoding is ‘fixed’.
I never had these issues before switching to mac. I tried on my old PC but had the same results. But some apostrophes were OK. Friggin technology!! Wasted 5 hours on this so far.

Anyway. Merci quand même. J’apprécie

Af mentionned in the past (getting metadata to show non-english characters - #15 by PG1) WaveLab 10.0.50 has a solution. But if the reader application does not conform to the standard, WaveLab can’t help it.