Help! Steinberg UR242 setup on macOS Monterey 12.3

I have a Steinberg UR242 that I am trying to get set up with my new MacBook pro M1 Pro 14inch with macOS Monetery 12.3. I have a few questions regarding the instructions given on the support pages.
before getting into the questions, I haven’t installed any drivers yet, neither have I enabled kernel extensions nor have I installed tools. Currently, I am running my UR242 without all of the instructions, and it is running quite smoothly! I can access all inputs through my DAW, my system can detect the interface outside of the DAW as well.
So, I have the following questions -

  1. Do I need to install the driver? because my interface is communicating without the driver as well.
  1. Is the driver required for dspmixfx and tools to run or can I install that without the driver?

  2. I am a little hesitant about enabling kernel extensions because I feel people are facing a lot more issues with all the instructions given on the support. question is, whenever Steinberg comes up with a native driver update for the UR242, do we still have to enable kernel extensions with reduced security on our M1 macs, or once all of it becomes native the security steps won’t be required???

  3. The hardware compatibility list on the support page that specifies ‘running with rosetta2’ and ‘running native’ columns, I am assuming it is for the installation files for tools and the driver? Am I right? because that’s all software.

Dear Steinberg Team, if you have any answers/solutions to the above or even a few tangents we can pick up, that’ll help align our future setups accordingly with Steinberg.
Any kind of help is highly appreciated!
Please do carry on the thread with any updates!

Thank you,