HELP! Still haven't received my Elicenser code

Hello Team,

Just purchased Cubase upgrade from 10.5.
I copied my download access code and used the Steiberg Assistant, but i dont see my E licensor code. I’ve installed Cubase 11.

I forgot the copy the download code to my sticky notes, and I dont see it on my invoice.

Is there a way to retrieve it?

It doesn’t work anyway Keyflo…

Oh ok, i assume you are having the same issues.

Go to mySteinberg and check my products, than tab software. There you will find it.


Here is the official statement.

The official statement should read:

“sorry not sorry you’re having trouble activating. We know this will happen every time, but we didn’t bother to adequately provision our licensing servers for the load we know is happening. Good luck accessing the software you just bought, we got your money so we’re happy”.

Sorry, but the contempt from Steinberg towards their customers on this matter is palpable and undigestable.

I purchased the upgrade, after paid it said done.
But no email confirmation, no numbers, nothing.
No license code for Cubase 11 in mySteinberg…
eLicenser not connecting…
I knew I should have waited…

I still havent received any code or nothing…What’s goin on Steinberg?

good now