Help! Suddenly Cubase won't recognize my sound card

Hey Folks, first time here, I’m in a jam.

I have Cubase LE AI Elements 8, been using it for 2 years with a Steinberg UR22 external sound card. Suddenly, as of today, when I open Cubase I get a message saying (translating from the French) “Configuration of ASIO driver”. It offers a few choices but only allows me to pick one, “Yamaha Steinberg USB ASIO”, which I have already, and which works on everything else in my computer. So I click “OK” (no choice really) and then I get a tiny window saying “Impossible to choose driver”. Then Cubase opens, and nothing works. All the input and output ports are marked “unmapped” and I can’t do anything. So I go to the Device Manage to choose under Audio VST System aaaand … it is blank, no pilots or anything there, just a big red message saying “Failure to Open Device.”

So I can’t record. Can’t do diddly. I have both updated and reinstalled the proper pilot. Eveything else works, as before, except Cubase. This is all Steinberg products I have paid for, not talking to each other. Someone, anyone, help!

Thanks in advance,

I am experiencing the very same issue. Following :slight_smile:

Finally I just uninstalled and re-installed Cubase (don’t know why I didn’t think of that until now). It’s working normally again. No idea what happened, but problem solved for me.