help sustain pedal

Hello i need your help, its urgent. My sustain pedal is all over the place, sometimes when i press it just some notes get sustained and somes dont, other times they just dont, its driving me crazy, im having problems with ewql pianos AND other VSTs. I have a yamaha clavinova clp-230 and i use this as the midi in. Here is a picture of what it looks like when i record.

Can someone help me?
Thankyou very much.
Captura de pantalla 2013-05-08 a las 11.44.18.png

Do you have another sustain pedal you can plug in and try?
It could be a bad contact switch in your current pedal.
Oh, and I’m glad no one was hurt. When you said it was urgent I thought someone may be hurt.

My pedal too. My Lovely American Pit Bull Terrier doesn’t honor my pedal’s privacy and moves it all over the place :stuck_out_tongue:

OK. Seriously … as Jaslan pointed it out: sounds like hardware problem. It’s extreamly unlikely for Cubase creating sustain on/off messages by itself. Possible sources for the problem are:

  1. Pedal’s mechanical failure (failure preventing the switch to close reliably)
  2. Pedal’s electrical failure (bad solder joint, oxygenated contact on switch etc)
  3. Bad pedal cable
  4. Bad (oxygenated) connector on pedal’s cable
  5. Problem with the keyboard your pedal is connected to
  6. Something i didn’t think about