HELP! template crashes cubase

spent 2 hours creating a template but when i try to use it at project start it crashes cubase with ongoing “serious error has occured” keep coming up wihtout stopping.

here’s the template:

and crash dump:

is there a program that crashes more than cubase ?
been using cubase for more than 10 years and all it does best is crash!
and this is from the company that charges money for .5 updates. seriosly ? invest first into coding the sofatre better rather than spending most of your resources on elicenser. this is rediculous.
ruins all the inpiration for music and workflow.

is this why this program costs $539 ?? because it keeps on crashing so often ??

here is screenshot how cubase loads the template:


Opens fine here…but I don’t have the third party plugs that you do.

Rename your vstplugins folder and check it. If it opens ok then you know it’s a plug or combination of plugs causing it.

i dont remember all the plugins i had in the template…
this is gonna take few hours…

You don’t need to remember anything.

rename vstplugins folder. Start Cubase/load template. If OK create a new empty vstplugins folder, copy in half of plugs and start cubase. If that works copy in another half of remaining, if not remove half.

Doesn’t take long.

Problem will be if you load template and it still crashes with no plugs!!

Just yesterday I had a case with template crashing Cubase 8.5. I made a template from existing project in C8.5, and loaded it back into the same C8.5. Then after loading template I tried to delete a track with HSSE, and Cubase crashed. It was simply impossible to delete that track without crash.
After several attempts, and crash each time, I loaded template in previuous version, C8.0. It opened fine, I deleted track without any problem, saved project, and reopened it in C8.5 without any problem. Now template works fine in C8.5 too.
This means that something is wrong with C8.5, that was ok in C8.0.

So, my advice, try opening and re-saving your template in older Cubase version (C8.0 or C7.5), and see if you can get arround bugs in C8.5 like this.