help. time-stretching / free-warping long audio files to tempo

Is possible to set (not in variaudio, but in regular audio edit free warp window) time stretching, so when I stretch a point of audio it STRETCHES the audio before the point but SHIFTS audio after the point ?

Because sometimes when I’m trying to match rough (scratch) recordings to tempo, I use free warp mode, while stretching / aligning the audio to tempo / grid starting at the beginning and workings towards the end of the audio,
the audio gets skewed more and more towards the end of the audio file and becomes faster and faster in tempo towards the end


It can only stretch on both sides or shifts on both sides.

so whats the best way to match way-off-tempo long audio files (2-5 minutes long) to tempo ?


Shouldn’t it be stretched in both sides? This is how do I work.