Help- totally lost. No sound from guitar. UR2mkII with C-8


I recently purchased a UR2mkII, and installed cubase elements 8 which was provided with it.

I have installed the software and whatever drivers it instructed. Ive been through the set up videos.

However, I can get no sound at all from my guitar, a squire bullet, plugged into line 1 on the unit. It is the most confusing software ever. Tutorials havent helped. Anyone have any idea what might be happening?

I just want to play live guitar in my room. As it is I;ve spent $200 on some dials and knobs that do nothing :.(

From the manual

[MIC/LINE 1] jack/[PEAK] indicator
For connection to a microphone or digital

[MIC/LINE 2] jack/[ PEAK] indicator
For connection to a microphone, digital
instrument, electric guitar, or electric bass.

So firstly plug into input 2 - Then engage the HI-Z button.

If still nothing please clarify what you are trying to listen to…the d.i signal or the guitar through a software amp sim??

Hi Grim.

Thanks for the reply. Sorry for my late response Ive been busy. I feel silly about the wrong input port! I’m now using port 2.

I’m trying to listen to the guitar through a software amp sim, as you say. Im not sure what d.i. signal implies. I just want the guitar to make sound through the box, ideally via the PC so I can use effects but I’d settle for the unit direct to speakers.

I’ve set VST Audio system to use the Yamaha steinberg USB audio drivers, with UR22 Inputs and outputs active.

Still nothing. Im going through the setup videos yet again, maybe i’ll catch something.

Open VST connections/inputs and if there is only a stereo channel add a new mono bus and assign Channel 2 to this

Create an audio track and insert the sim.

Select your new mono bus as the input to that track, push the little monitor button on the track and you should hear something.

Check that you don’t have direct monitoring enabled in the device setup as this bypasses Cubase completely passing input to output of the interface…though I’m not even sure if Elements has this option??