Help! Upgrade to 10 Pro from 5 LE

So I bought Cubase 10 Pro during the sale as an upgrade to 5 LE. Here is my problem.

My version 5 LE was installed on a Mac I longer have. It was registered to a soft license on that computer. No dongle.

I downloaded 10 Pro with no problem on my current Mac. When I purchased the upgrade I also bought an e-licenser.
Got through entire install, except when I had to enter the activation code in the e-licenser control center it displays the activation as valid for the upgrade to 10 Pro, but asks me to select the license I’d like to upgrade.

I cannot select the license I’d like to upgrade because my soft license for 5 LE was on my old Mac. There is no way for me to retrieve that.
When I try to reactivate for a new code it tells me “There is no soft e-licenser with this number.”

How can I transfer this license and active my 10 Pro?

You need to follow these instructions to reactivate your CB LE 5 soft-eLicense on the new computer first then you can upgrade that license to CB Pro 10 which will be stored on the USB e-license dongle.

Regards. :sunglasses:

It’s specifically asking me for a new soft e-licenser number, but it doesn’t accept it when I enter my new USB licenser number. Will it not let me transfer soft e-license to the USB?

It is worth mentioning I purchased the upgrade “Update from Cubase 4 / 5 / 6 / 6.5” and I believe I should have selected “Upgrade from Cubase LE / AI (4 or higher), Elements, Essential, Studio, SX, SL or Sequel”. Could this be causing my MySteinberg account and the e-license software to fail to recognize my upgrade?

Yes it is a problem… you purchased the wrong one.

Is your old SeL listed in your MySteinberg account?

I would contact asknet support for assist.

Good luck.

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Yes registration for my 5 LE is still viewable on my account. I guess I’ll have to pay a difference and be sent a new activation code?

Most likely yes. You need to contact asknet support. Info at the link I provided. Good luck.

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