Help Upgrading from Cubase LE AI Elements 8 to 9 Pro

Hello, I had some quesitons regarding upgrading from my Cubase LE AI Elements 8.
First off, I had the software on a laptop. I ended up building a new pc and I tried to move the eLicence over from my backups, but the code has expired. Does this mean there’s nothing I can do, but buy a new version for the new pc?

Also, IF there is a way to get the Elements 8 to work again, is it possible to upgrade to 9 Pro for a lower cost, or will I need to just purchase the full version (or better off starting fresh getting a clean version)?

Thanks so much!

Go to your MySteinberg and click Reactivate

Thanks for the quick reply!
Unfortunately I’m running into problems after I input the activation code into the eLicenser. I get a prompt saying there is no eLicenser connected to this computer. I’ve re-installed the latest eLCC and still not able to access. I’ve copied the eLicense files onto the thumb drive and also have the files on the pc. When in my Steinberg profile, I am seeing a Soft-activation code, but it looks like I can’t receive new activation codes unless I re-install the OS.