HELP! (Urgent) "Corrupted Project File"

I have a problem.

I just had to quit Nuendo because of some reasons and it seems that ctr-s was not executed - it was autosaving in that moment as it seems - so I quited Nuendo without manual saving - so the last NPR is 5hours old and I lost very good and creative work.

I used a freeware tool to restore the deleted backup files and well, with success - I have all the .bac files!

I was happy in the first moment but Nuendo is not able to open them - file size seems to be fine etc - but “xy.bac is corrupted and can not be loaded”…

What to do?

I feel that my work is there, that all is fine - but I can not open the bac files… Steinberg support closed for today… damn…

Have you tried changing the file extension from bak to npr?
Make a copy of the file first and put it somewhere safe just in case.

I don’t use Auto save at all for this very reason.
Plus the interruptions of work every time auto save kicks in.
Would drive me insane.

I save often and use a naming scheme.
Second nature now.

Thanks Rotund! I am doing it exactly like you recommended now - like I just wrote in another thread:

Well - for now I disabled autosave - and it has some real advantages:

Auto-save does not block my DAW in a critical moment (after hitting stop to hear something again)
Instead of that I am NOT interrupted in my flow anymore
I can hit ctrl-s while I am actually listening to something, because playback is not interrupted during those 50 sec

Regarding the bac file… well, I tried of course everything. Renaming etc… Cubase… Nuendo on the Mac… I even sent that file to E.Doll - it seems that these files were “zeroed out” - size etc is fitting (about 85MB in this case) - I checked in a Hexeditor - while a working file has a lot of bullsh*t in it that bac file had only Zeros … though I have no clue about Hexeditor stuff it seems to me that those files are NOT identically/similar :slight_smile:

Learned my lesson.

Hey Rotund,

You saved my day mate! Can’t thank you enough!
Never knew one could load the backup files simply by renaming .bak to .npr!
Feel like a jackass!

@Brandy : I know this is an old post but I hope you managed to fix the project file! Thanks for posting!