Help! Using the UR22 with Logic Pro X

I have just bought a whole new equipment for recording my voice. I used to work with a usb Blu Yeti mic that did not require an audio interface. Now i have an AT4040 microphone with a UR22 mkII audio interface. I installed the “Yamaha Steinberg USB control pannel” and Cubase as asked in the manual. When I plug the mic on to the the Audio Interface (with both input 1 and 2) and turn the gain all the way up. I am still not able to record my voice, whether it would be for logic pro x or skype or whatever i need a microphone for. I know the microphone works because i tried it with my friend’s audio interface and mac with logic pro x and it worked. please help me solve this.
Thank you

got the UR22, too… and a mic. what´s your problem exactly?

what happend then? nothing?!?

do you got phantom power enabled (at the back of the UR22)?