Help! Valid Credit Card Declined For Upgrade

Hello i wanted to know if anyone else is having a difficult time purchasing the Cubase 6.5 upgrade lately.
I have tried several times, with a couple valid Credit Cards, and they keep being declined. I have a been a Steinberg User and have purchased versions of Cubase, since the Cubase VST days.
Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks Dre’ :ugeek:

It’s all that ganja that’s the issue. :wink:

I got errors when I purchased. Ended up I needed to contact the CC company as they were blocking the transaction. After that, asknet delayed the purchase due to the multiple attempts and said they had to investigate. Had to go back and forth explaining the issue before they finally allowed me to purchase. :unamused:

oh i see, that’s not good, but i cant see two different cards with more than enough on them to be declined. oh and I tried at a different location, Logged in as me, Huh go figure, I’ll try and call them this week, yeah and I did see a couple of zero charges pending, I’ll have to check on them. Is that what u we referring to in ur case?

You need to contact the credit card issuer and inform them it’s a legit purchase. Once done, the order will go through when you try again but you may get an e-mail from asknet inquiring about the multiple attempts at purchase.

Cool, I’ll give that a try Mon, but who is the Asknet (Gestapo),do i Have to call them too?

I thought so from the wording of the e-mail they sent me. My papers were not in order. :laughing: Don’t worry, they’ll contact you.

Ok Thank You for the Replies, Dre’

All went well today, product purchased.
Thanks for the Help.