HELP!! VariAudio, new Harmonies and Tuning them

Cubase Gang,
I have an odd thing happening in Variaudio that I need some urgent assistance with (mix deadline in a couple of days)

I have taken a single lead vocal and used the nifty “Make Harmonies” tool in C7.5
It creates 2 additional harmonies but when I go to try and move the notes of the new harmonies they don’t move! They stick to their original location. I have read the manual (ZERO help) and have clicked every button in the Variaudio screen to no avail. No matter how I move them when I let go of the mouse it bounces back to its original position.

I should be able to move the parts of the new harmonies, correct?
If so, what am I missing? What am I doing wrong?

Video link shows this issue.

Go into the inspector and turn the chord track off for those harmony tracks.
The notes should stay the same as they were, but now you should be able to move notes.

Thanks for replying. Coming from Nuendo 5 this new stuff in Variaudio is all new to me. Where will I find Chord Track Function? What does it look like and where is it located?


You were posting as I was editing.

It is a tab in the inspector. Once you open that it should be obvious.
I’ve only used this function a few times and not very recently.

Hope this helps.

WONDERFUL!!! Thanks you so very much for the help on this!

Dennis in memphis

This did it and once again you guys on this forum ROCK!

Thing is I went to the Fracking Manual (RTFM) to find a solution for this problem and I could not see a hint of a solution. Did I look in the wrong place or is the manual that inadequate?