hello all!!

i’ve seem to run into a big problem with my cubase 5.1.1

Vst x 2 manager initializing process take forever then just crashes, i know its scanning my c drive, as i routed it there! (big mistake)

i go into components and delete VSTpluginmanager.dll then my cubase loads up but with no vst2 plugins:(

i cant even change the path and the option disappears when i go into plug in information.

i really dont know what to do…
is the a way i can edit from outside cubase e.g the scan path

ps…ive try everything in the appdata folder!


The path(s) to the VST2 plug-ins have been lost, once you delete the VSTpluginmanager.dll. Set a new (valid) path(s) in the Plug-in Manager.

I did this, but when I set a new path to a folder with with all my plugin dlls, not all of the plugins are recognized, despite being in the fodler and working previously. Also it doesnt save so i have to do this every time i load up cubase. Should i reinstall cubase?

Hi and welcome,

If not all plug-ins are listed after, it seems, some plug-ins didn’t pass internal tests, and have been blacklisted. You can move them out of the blacklist on your own risk.

If it’s not stored, it seems, your preferences are not stored properly while quit Cubase. Could you check if for example defaults.xml file is updated when you quit Cubase? Make sure, Cubase doesn’t crash while quit.