Help walk me through this

I think this is the kind of situation that is made for Dorico, but I can’t quite figure it out. Up to now, everything I have done is pretty straightforward in terms of parts. What I face, now, is rather common ( I suspect) but can’t quite put my finger on the solution - I suspect new Flows will be involved. Here goes:

A recorder quartet, SATB, that is performed by a large ensemble, i.e., multiple players per part. At one point, the four break into eight parts, but it is not a simple divisi, in that each part - Sop 1 and 2, for instance, are trading a motive back and forth, so putting it on the same staff won’t be clear; at this point, each of the eight parts needs their own part. The score is easy enough - the extra parts are hidden, but for the parts, how can I have Sop 1 and 2 contain the same music until the place where they split? I know this should be an easy thing to do, but having not faced this before, I’m kind of stumped.

The documentation will be a nice pre-Christmas gift!

Thanks in advance for the guidance.

My solution would not imply new flows. It would imply new players! Make sure you have 8 individual players (ssaattbb) plus 4 section players (satb) plus 8 parts-players(ssaattbb)
The trick is to create a new layout that includes everything but the part-players. Build your score and once it is done, it should be very easy to create the part-players parts (copy-paste)
Sorry if I do not develop further, I think it should be understandable — I’m in a train…

Merci bien! I will try it later - I think I follow.

Marc, I ended up simply merging the parts, and will indicate the different passages by stem direction; the parts are not very complex. But, the next time I have this, I will try your approach. Again, many thanks for the tips and advice!

You’re welcome !
It might seem over crowded in galley view, but once the layouts are properly configured and the Layout option|Hide empty staves chosen, everything should be nice. You will have to input some system breaks in order to avoid having divisi and grouped parts in the same system, that’s all.