Help wanted identifying a new Audio interface

I am considering buying a new audio interface for use with cubasis. I currently use both a behringer UA202 and a realtone cable. I use the behringer when I want to connect to my headphone amp, and the realtone when recording bass and guitar

My main purpose for upgrading the interface are

  • Good quality connection to monitor speakers and headphone amplifier.
    No swapping devices when wanting to record guitar.

Restrictions I have are that the interface needs to be USB and not lightning as I also wish to be able to connect USB midi input devices while still having the audio interface connected (via powered hub). A combined Audio/Midi interface would not really help as most of the midi input devices only have USB connection.
Where higher than 44.1Khz 16Bit audio would be a bonus, I am only on a 16Gb iPad Mini 2 so this is not a requirement.

I also have a rather tight budget and want the cheapest solution I can find.

I am currently looking at the M-Audio M-Track.

Does anyone have any other suggestions ?

Can anyone confirm that the m-track works with iOS/Cubasis ?

Thanks in advance


The Audio/Midi Interface must be “Class Compliant”.

I ended up going for the Alesis Core 1. A relatively cheap unit at £40. This is doing the job I want perfectly.

One thing to note for anyone purchasing an Audio Interface that i was not aware of.
When using IAA, most apps will only work reliably at 44.1 Khz. This means that if you are using IAA there is currently little or no point having an interface capable of playing at higher sample rates.

Where there is a benefit is in the bit depth. With 24 bit I immediately noticed an improvement in the playback sound quality, and so far all apps have worked fine running at 44.1 Khz 24 bit through IAA.

Does anyone know if apps through AudioBus have the same issues with higher than 44.1 sample rates ?