Help! where can I change the global duration of a selected Time in my project

Some years ago I programmed som orchestral music (with the Midisequencer which triggeres Samplelibraries) added subtle changes in the Timecurve etc. Finally I selected the Time of the musi and was able than to change the global time with a special dialog, which pr4esents the current duration of the selected time and offered the option to insedrt a desierd new time. After I inserted it an clicked OK, the whole midievents and the tempocurve have been recalculated to keep their internal relations relative to the new Duration what means everything all midievents and all changes in the tempocurve were recalculated to be streched or shrunk to the new desierd tempo.

Where can I find this function to strech or shrink the duration and every Mididate and tempoalteration programmed within ???