Help with a file format conversion

Just need a little help with a conversion issue. My default recording setting is MP3/Stereo/44.1/Lame-CBR 320kbps.

  1. In the Audio Editor, record or import a wave file.

  2. once recorded, highlight part or even the entire song and drag it up to create a 2nd tab. The song title or tab now has an asterisk indicating it hasn’t been saved.

  3. With the mouse over the tab, click on the little “x” to close it. Now the prompt box appears for save, don’t save, or cancel. Click yes to save.

This is the box to name your song, enter the file location, output format, and 2 check boxes…
1.keep this format for next time a copy.

My issue is with “keep this format for next time.” I can change this to the Output format I desire, but it will only remain in that format until I close Wavelab. If I close then re-open Wavelab, it always goes back to .Wav default.

How do I configure WL11 so when I close, then re-open WL11, this Save Audio File box shows the output format I wanted by default, which is MP3 instead of .Wav? It always defaults back to .Wav.

Thanks in advance!

This setting is not persistent.
But maybe you should choose an alternate workflow: use the render settings to convert to mp3. There you can choose a file output format, and it is persistent. Simply, you have to render before closing the file.

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