Help with a project for exam

Hello, after a short course on mastering, i have been asked (for exam) to work at an audio file doing the following
Use at least 1 parallel processor
1 upward
1 saturation/distortion

Then i have the specs for mastering
1 at 44100 16 bit -10dB RMS or 12 LUFS, no dc offset no true peak
1 in youtube format, 48khz, -14 lufs, no dc offset

As i said the course was too quick with so many information and no paper to watch at

So i have some trouble remembering everything

To start:
i have set a compress in parallel, just using in the send chain…that should be fine, right? (not talking of the settings yet… :slight_smile: )
About the upward…can i use SQUASH? If yes how do i use it?

The file now ha around -6 LUFS integrated and around +6dB true peak

The other problem is that all the course was made on reaper…using different tools for everyhting…but i don t want to start fighting for basic learning with reaper

thanks for your precious help!

You need a basic course first…

The course was not useful, I doubt…
If this happens, you didn’t understand digital audio at all.

So nothing to take home after the course?

those values are straight from the file before edit…it s not my edit, it s what i was given…
i work at it to obain what is specified

1 at 44100 16 bit -10dB RMS or 12 LUFS, no dc offset no true peak
1 in youtube format, 48khz, -14 lufs, no dc offset

i have just finisched the basic course, but you should know that 5 4 hours lessons are really basic. Don’t have notes, or book also…so you can imagine the first time practising a real master is something really different
It is when one start to have a clere idea of all the lessong taken before

Turn the level down? Just a simple volume change.

hard to tell… more info needed.
Nuendo is different from Reaper on this.

That’s a pity, a very good course would provide information that is written somewhere.

yes, we could but his book, but for now i don’t
anyway i am not here talking about the course, but to get som ehelp for the mastering work

no it s not just a volume change, i need to use all those process i explained above
and also you should know it’snot only a matter to low down the volume
This way anyone can do mastering, even my little son

Isn’t that the reason you booked the course?
You pay somebody money and we teach you how you do proper mastering for free?

To achieve the particular goal (that’s why I quoted just that part), just a volume change is necessary.
I wasn’t talking about the need of using the processes.