Help with a recording/mixing/editing scenario (Audiowarp)


I have started recording some vocals with rendered stems, not in Cubase but in Adobe Premiere as singular voice overs due to the fact that Premiere; being a Video application offers Captions (I believe no Steinberg product offers this).

I’d no sooner get Nuendo if I knew it could supplant the current functionality of Adobe but I don’t believe this is possible so the steps I take are as follows:

  • Record VSTi’s (not freeze or export to Pool) in hardware, I have a Motu 8A; undergoing basic signal processing @ 44.1Khz
  • Render recorded audio tracks from Cubase using Broadcast .wav file fomat with iXML and timecode 00:00:00:00
  • Import audio tracks into Premiere
  • Record Voice Over sections
  • Render .mxf file from Premiere with just vocals at full bit-depth, i.e. 24bit @ 48Khz
  • Stream PCM audio from .mxf file in VLC Player into .wav format
  • Import extracted audio into Cubase project and convert sample rate
  • Modify tempo for songs as necessary
  • Render stems again to .wav file format, for use Adobe Premiere to record new voice over sections as relevant to music that has changed

My question is therefore:

Would time stretching still work on subsequent imports and exports of recorded or rendered audio?

I apologize if my question is vague since I have literally zero experience in the field of audio and mainly just use MIDI to compose music in Cubase (my favorite application) so if anyone has any assistance or ideas, please reply.

All regards