Help with ASIO driver settings


I hope this is no duplicate to some existing discussion thread.

I newly purchased Dorico pro.
I had the common issue of not being able to listen to the YouTube videos while using the program.
I watched this recommended trouble-shooting video:

It mentioned that exclusive access to audio ports can be de-activated in the ASIO driver settings.
I did so, but that automatically erased the only available audio port.
Only activating “exclusive audio access” again made the one audio port reappear.
(see attached screen shots)

My urgent problem is, however, that Dorico now refuses to save the driver settings where exclusive audio access is activated.
I click “OK” in the settings window, but as soon as I open it again, the exclusive audio access stubbornly keeps de-selected which, as mentioned, also erases the one available output port.
So currently I can’t get any sounds out of Dorico.
Not being able to watch YouTube videos alongside working with the program was cumbersome, but the new situation is a real problem.

Is there anything I can do?

Welcome to the forum, lpoeffel. I’m sorry you’re having this problem. I’m not an expert on the vagaries of dealing with built-in audio devices on Windows computers, but I would suggest a couple of things:

  1. Try restarting your computer, in case there’s something peculiar that will be cleared up when the computer restarts.
  2. Look for an update to the audio device drivers for your computer, in case newer drivers are available.
  3. Try downloading and installing ASIO4ALL and using that instead of the Generic Lower-Latency ASIO Driver, in case that works any better for you (it might).

If ASIO4All does not work for you, then check the default sample rate on Windows’ side.
On the taskbar is a little speaker icon, right click that and choose ‘Open sound settings’. Then click ‘Device properties’ of the output device and then ‘Additional device properties’.
A new little window opens, in there choose the ‘Advanced’ tab. Is the shown default sample rate same to the sample rate used in Dorico?

A common practise in a Windows pro audio system is to avoid using the same audio card for system sound and DAW.

thanks for the helpful hints. Re-starting Dorico solved the problem with the unstored driver settings. Although it seems weird that I have to re-start the whole program for having my driver settings accepted. In particular because the first change (de-activating exclusive sound access) was accepted and stored right away.

The hint with the sample rate turned out to be the correct one. After adjusting my play-back device’s sample rate I can now also use it with non-exclusive sound access. I saw the remark in the trouble-shooting video. But I didn’t think of this because at first I had been perfectly able to re-play with Dorico even with the wrong sample rate.

Thanks again.