Help with Audio Event and Loop Transpose

I’m new to Cubase, having migrated from Sonar. I have a fairly good handle on most aspects, however, for the life of me, I haven’t been able to wrap my head around transposing either a single audio event/clip or transposing an entire loop. I suppose the best question to ask would be, where is this done in Cubase? Is it on the left hand side in the editor drop down for “Process” or in the lower zone?

In Sonar you had to go up to the top toolbar to select the transpose feature for an audio clip - and for an audio loop it was simple as going to the lower loop editor area and clicking the transpose semitone up/down button. If someone could explain (steps are very helpful) how to transpose a clip and loop I would very grateful.

Midi is amazing in Cubase, and I’m working faster than ever in that regard, but the audio side of things seems convoluted/cumbersome. Although I’m sure I just haven’t found the right features yet.

Thanks in advance

Click here and enable the “Info Line”:

The Info Line will allow you to edit many things about the each individual event (“clip”), including transpose for both audio and MIDI. Here’s some useful editing tips:

The MIDI editors (Key Editor and Drum Editor) also have very useful Info Lines that behave in a similar manner.

Thank you so much! That’s even easier than Sonar, and it’s faster. Keeping the Info Line on permanently now. Many thanks.