Help with audio out issue please

I have a strange audio out problem that I need help troubleshooting. It affects audio out on Dorico but is clearly NOT (at least not entirely) a Dorico problem. Nevertheless I am hoping some of the Dorico experts here can help me figure it out.

Here’s the setup: MacBook Pro late 2013 model running Catalina connected via USB cable to UR22mkII Steinberg interface, which in turn is connected via RCA cables to a Bose Wave Radio CD unit, which is where I prefer to hear my Dorico output. However, I can’t, for the following reasons:

When the UR22mkII is turned on, I can see it in my audio output selection list in my OS. I can select it, and use my attached electronic piano to input notes into Dorico just fine. However, when I launch Dorico and try to play something through the Bose, the UR22 disappears from the list of options and Dorico plays through the MacBook Pro’s built-in speaker. It plays fine, but I don’t like the sound quality of course. That’s why I have the Bose. In order to see the UR22 in the list of output options in the OS again, I have to reboot the laptop. Once I do, I can once again see the UR22 in the list of options. That is, I can until I launch Dorico and try to play something there. Then it disappears again and Dorico plays through the laptop speakers.

If I try to play through the Bose from other applications, I can, and the UR22 doesn’t disappear. There is a strange static-y noise like FM white noise accompanying the playback of, say, a You-Tube video, which is not present in the audio when that same video plays back through the laptop speakers. But it does play. Only Dorico “turns it off.” (Doesn’t really turn it off, it’s still on, but not visible in the list of options.)

The Bose plays fine when playing Radio, or a CD, or from any other source plugged into Auxiliary. It only has the static when plugged into the UR22, and then only when the laptop is sending the audio. I’ve tried replacing the cables, to no effect.

I have run all the licensing and other Steinberg updates I can think of to run. No change.

I’m stumped.


Check in Dorico the device setup if you have the output selected with the right sample rate.

I had the same issue today after a Win Update.

Changing those settings has no effect. Still the same symptoms. I am beginning to suspect that there is some basic incompatibility between the UR22mkII and Catalina, though if that is so why would my piano still be able to do input into Dorico via that interface?


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According to the Steinberg website, the UR22mkII IS compatible with Catalina, so that isn’t the problem. Also, I made another discovery. Dorico turns the option in my OS System Preferences off as soon as it launches, not just when I hit play. That is, the option of selecting the UR22mkII for audio output disappears from the Sound list on the OS System Preferences as soon as Dorico launches. Yet, after it has disappeared, I can still input notes into Dorico from my piano. Weird!


I don’t have a UR22mkII here, but I do have a UR22C. I believe this is basically the same box with a USB-C port and louder headphone preamps.

All I can tell you is that it works fine here with Catalina. I have to tell Dorico (via Dorico Preferences > Play > Audio Device Setup) to use the UR22C, but Dorico certainly doesn’t prevent other programs (or the general operating system) from simultaneously using the UR22C.

These are my settings:

Well, Leo. I actually thought of that, but when I go to that spot and click on the ASIO Driver pulldown, the only choice it gives me is Built-In Audio. If I click on that, there is no other option available.

I would guess that this fact is due in turn to the fact that the Steinberg option has disappeared out of my Mac OS list of sound devices when I go to System Preferences > Sound . But since the UR22 disappears from that list the minute Dorico is launched, that is sort of a circular problem, a Catch-22 so to speak.

In short, I’m still stumped.


I also thought it was possible the problem was being caused by the fact that the UR22 was plugged into a USB hub rather than into the laptop directly. So I changed that. It’s now plugged into the MacBook itself. Still no joy.


Hi L3B, I almost think your UR has an electrical problem. Is the white LED always on during operation or also sometimes flashing, especially when Dorico is launched?

You could also try to reinstall the driver for the UR (Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver Updates and Downloads | Steinberg).

Also, do you maybe have another computer or a friend where you could try it out? Of course, that friend would need Dorico, but could retrieve a trial version. For such test only the basic Dorico installer is needed, not the sound libraries.

The white LED is always on, never flashing.

I’ll try the update you listed.


Thanks, Ulf. Running the appropriate USB Driver Update has fixed the problem.

Thanks so much.