Help with Audio Routing

I am experiencing a fundamental issue with Audio Routing in Cubase Artist 6.5…

I’m trying to route audio from a Group Channel to an Audio Track.

However, the “Input Routing” drop down on my audio tracks does not display Group Channels. It only shows Input Buses. Is this a limitation of Artist over the full product, or is it some fundamental setting I have wrong?

So then I tried routing using a Bus. The problem here is that the Output drop down on my Group Channel only shows me Output Buses and I can only select Input Buses as input to my Audio Track. Should this be the case? And if so, how do I link the Output Bus (attached to the out on the Group Channel) to the input bus (attached to the Audio Track)?

Am I missing something fundamental here?

I don’t think Artist supports recording from busses.

It doesn’t. The full versions do.


Someone even wrote that down in the manual…


Got it - limitation of the product. Thanks (everyone except thinkingcap) for the replies and sorry for the noise.