Help with automation

I am trying to turn off a plugin until a certain point in my song, I light W, disable the plugin, turn off the W, with the R still lit, and the plugin comes back on. Thats not what I want. Has cubase changed? Please advise me!

Hard to tell, your description is a bit ambiguous. For example is the Transport running or stopped? Break it down step-by-step exactly what you are doing.

Also have you looked at the Automation Lane for Enable/Disable on the plug-in.

Ok, I do this all of the time. I hope this is what you are looking for, if I understood correctly.

You should do this with the bypass, instead of turning off the plugin.

Start with the plugin in bypass.
Arm the automation and then you playback and engage the plugin clicking on bypass. Once you reach the point where you want it bypassed again, simply click bypass.
Desingage write automation afterwards

Is this what you are looking for?

Thanks for the reply, The transport was running, and there was automation on the plugin. I expect that that was the problem, but how do I delete all the automation on the plugin (see attachment). All I want to do is turn on Spaced Out at the left marker (again, see attachment), and turn it off at the right marker. Thanks again for helping me, is there a complete tutorial video on automation? as I use it a lot

At least on the part of the Timeline which is visible none of the other Lanes have any Automation on them - you’d need to zoom out to see the whole Timeline to tell for sure. What the other Lanes appear to be showing is just the current setting or level for those items. Automation only gets created when the value is changed while Write is enabled and the Transport running. Alternatively you can Draw Automation directly onto the Lane without Write being enabled. I find that for stuff like bypassing and enabling this is easier than clicking on the GUI at the right time.

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Yes - I recommend just drawing in the bypass automation events, that way you can place them exactly where you want them.

Thanks everyone for the replies, sorry for your time. I turned off Read on the plugin, and drew in the automation for the group track.