Help with Behringer FCB1010 in Cubase 4?

Hi there,

I am wanting some help on how to configure my behringer fcb1010 in cubase 4 to be able to control
the transport bar like play, record, stop etc just by using foot switches on the fcb1010.

I managed to get a switch to press record using device setup > remote devices > add generic remote

but not sure how to program the switches etc.

would be a great help if someone knows how to do it


The bottom Flags column is where you choose how the switch works.

The manual explains what all the flags do. It can be a bit hit and miss, they don’t always seem to behave as you’d expect. I suggest you experiment with them till it works best.

cheers for the replies. i have messed with the flags but the main thing am getting confused with is with addresses etc. i have managed to get

sw 1 to record with address 1 value 1
sw 2 to stop with address 0 value 1,

yet cant seem to get other switches to work, it does seem a bit hit and miss at times and it does take a sec for the stop button to kick in after it has been pressed

I’ve had similar issues I managed to solve with some advice from Vicfrance, let’s see if I can find that back.
edit: there we go: link
Use the ‘not automated’ flag on pushbuttons to get rid of the delay. As for addresses, did you figure out how to use the midi learn button?

I have tried the midi learn button on cubase but i cant figure out how to work it. i have looked at a few other generic remote tutorials on youtube and stuff but its obviously not turning out to be so simple.

This is when you add a generic remote

This is when i press midi learn from each switch on stock fcb1010

I have messed around with the flags and so far nothing is working. i have managed to get start and stop working before on sw1 and sw2 but couldnt get any other switches to do any other transport commands.

I also dont understand what midi status to use because i can program the fcb to program change 1,2,3,4 or 5 or program as note or controller 1 or controller 2.

i have read through the manual of the fcb but its not exactly clear as to what the midi functions mean or which to use for what i want to do.

midi learn is very simple. First, in generic remote, select the control you want to assing a button/knob to. Now, on your FCB, hit that button/turn the knob. Now, hit the midi learn button. It will automatically assign the adress of the last thing you did on the FCB to the selected control, it should be as easy as that.

It’s easier to start from scratch though. The huge list with unnassigned controllers is a mess. Clear the entire list, and start clean with the ‘add’ button, 1 control at a time. The midi channel should for nearly all uses be 1. The range is the hardest part and can be a guess. For buttons most ranges work however.

The range meaning the midi address or the max value?

The max value, sorry

so you are saying once each switch has been midi learned on to the table i have to flip through all the values 1-127 to see if it triggers that command of the transport bar?

No, the max value really isn’t that important for buttons, it’s for rotary controls or faders you might get trouble. It’ll probably work fine if you set it to 127, if not, try 1 or something halfway. The max value simply indicates what kind of signal the controller can expect from that midi input and above the value you put it it will probably ignore anything it receives which is why at 127 it will probably work fine. If you get the address right (which is easy with midi learn) and the flags, you should be set.

Clear the list, read up on the flags and start adding them one by one, with push/toggle buttons it isn’t complicated.

i still never figured it out. on factory reset of the fcb is all set to channel one and am guessing all the switches are set to address 1. its all just confusing. the manual is pish really. it seems like i have to set up the fcb some how and then find the settings in cubase. the learn button doesnt do anything its all the same values for every switch and doesnt do anything

That’s odd, if the learn function doesn’t work it sounds like the FCB isn’t connected properly or there’s some driver issue. It should be very straightforward.