Help with building a studio

I just started my own business, that helps people learn to play a new instrument, and ind the end I want to give them the option to record in a studio as well. The busineess is called MUUV -

Where can I find a starter guide, on how to design the perfekt recording studio? I plan on doing everything by myself.

The Music Enthusiast

The important bit (for soundproofing) is to build a room-within-a-room, where the inner room has minimal contact with the outer room.
And for a good recording environment you have to use the right absorption and diffusion.

There’s lots of info on the internet when you use words like “building home studio”, for instance:

Good luck!


Go there too. As well as John l sayers’ forum.

Youtube is one of the best places to learn about soundproofing pro studios.

Wikipedia is also great they list materials and sound transmission class.

You will need basic construction skills. I would recommend hiring a pro to help you. Mistakes are expensive.
Your students will need the best soundproofing to separate drums, piano, guitar, vocals recording…
I recommend concrete blocks for the drum room.

With the right materials and design you will get great results. For example some libraries have recording studios and media production studios. I saw an opera vocalist in a vocal both but couldn’t hear them.