Help with chopping samples and Musical Mode

This has truley been the biggest pain inthe butt ever! I still cannot for the life of me chop samples in cubase 8 pro. And it’s getting so frustrating that I’m ready to just give up even switching over to cubase. There’s no reason editing audio should be this difficult. I use the sample editor to edit a peice of audio track down to a specific length so that I may create a loop of that audio track. Once I have that audio the specific lentgh I want it locked to a 4 bar lentgh so that I may create around that loop with my plugins but as soon as i put it in musical mode the entire section I have either dissapears or completely shifts to a new point in the audio. This would’ve taken minutes to do in FL Studio. Why is this so hard in cubase?

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Because FL Studio used to be Fruity Loops, and looping is their heritage. Steinberg has Sequel for such jobs. Not that it shouldn’t work in Cubase, but it does explain a lot.