Help with configuring ADAT converter in Cubase

Hi all, today I installed a new audio interface setup, consisting of RME DIGIFACE USB to which I connected a RME FIREFACE UC and a FERROFISH PULSE 16.
When I added buses in the Audio Connections Inputs window of Cubase 11 Pro, I expected to see the 8 inputs from the Fireface and the 16 inputs from the Ferrofish.
While the Fireface inputs appear as they did before, I see only 8 Ferrofish adat inputs instead of 16.
What am I doing wrong?

I’m seeing all 32 ADAT inputs from my RME Digiface USB in Cubase

Or do you mean, you’re seeing it listed, but not getting signal from the second set of 8 from your Ferrofish? If that is the problem, did you run a second ADAT (TOSLink) cable from the Ferrofish to the RME Digiface? ADAT only sends up to 8 channels per optical cable (less, if you go higher than 48 KHz sample rate).

… also, check in “Studio Setup | Devices | Audio System” that you have all the ASIO ports set to “Visible”:

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The Ferrofish has no direct connection to the DAW, so you won’t see it there, you can see the ADAT inputs on the Fireface and the Digiface only.

Can you provide some information what you connected where?

Oh, keep in mind that with 96kHz operation, the I/O count is 16 in and 16 out.