Help with Cubase 12. It crashed and now there is no desktop logo

I have Cubase elements 12 on PC windows 10. Just bought it 2 weeks ago. It worked fine for about 4 days and then it crashed. Once my laptop recovered, the cubase desktop logo had disappeared. I looked in the Steinberg folder for the logo and it’s not there either. This means I can’t use it currently.
I opened a support ticket a week ago and they have been responding about once a day, but we’re making very slow progress. They asked for crashdump files. I sent them twice, and was told they weren’t attached. We discovered this was because the files were empty. I was asked to send them by opening another ticket which I did but they didn’t arrive (again presumably because the files were empty). They then asked me to look for crashdump files in another folder. My laptop won’t let me open these or post them for some reason.
Anyone had a similar problem?
Neil. P.S. I am really rubbish at installing and maintaining music software. My local PMT shop installed it for me which I feel really guilty about as I didn’t buy it from them!!

Hi and welcome to the forum,

It is hard to diagnose anything without a bit more information.
You wrote: “it crashed. Once my laptop recovered…” what crashed, Cubase or your whole laptop? If just Cubases crashes, you can just start it again. But then there is no reason why the symbol should disappear from the desktop.
If you whole laptop has had a problem, then bad things could theoretically happen.

What if you open the Windows Start Menu, can you see Cubase there?

Thank you so much for your response. Cubase 12 doesn’t show there. Just SB activation manager, Essential 5, Download assistant and Library manager.
Pretty sure it was Cubase that crashed as that was what I was using when it happened and nothing like this has happened before.


Could you please make a screenshot of the Cubase program folder in
C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Cubase 12 ? I somehow think that Cubase might be uninstalled, for whatever reason.

Did you try creating a new shortcut and seeing if everything works OK?
The default program location is here:

C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Cubase 12\Cubase12.exe

Right click that file and drag to your desktop and select ‘Create Shortcut’ when you release it. Then give it a go and see if everything is working.

The cubase12.exe file is not there

You need to re-install the program then.

I’m sure I’m doing something really stupid, but I can’t find the reinstall button. When I look at my products it doesn’t give me the option:

I’ve found the redeem access code, put it in , it’s accepted but then doesn’t take to where I download cubase 12. How do I download it/ It doesn’t give me the option in my products.

On the Steinberg Support Downloads page. You should install the Steinberg Download Assistant. It will have all the content for your install.

Steinberg Cubase Download

That seems to be working thanks

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Thanks for everyone’s help in doing something that should be so easy. It’s working now. Shame there isn’t a download link next to my cubase 12 product which then directly links to the access code and then to the download app.
And later today I will receive my daily message from the helpdesk asking me to send an empty crashdata file!!