Help with Cubase AI 5

Hello, I have installed and licensed a copy of Cubase AI 5 and spent time since the last time I opened it and this afternoon I tried to open a project I get a message that says “if you want to continue using the program, register now free at Steinberg to activate and access our services online support”.

The strange thing to me is that more than 2 years that I have installed the program and almost from the time I got licensed ago. Obviously I am registered on the website, download eLicenser, etc…

All I’ve done is upgrade the operating system on my Computer (I had a Macbook white whit Snow Leopard) and I go to Mavericks.

Will OSX with changing something wrong?

Thanks for the help, I need to record soon and so far I can not.

Greetings from Chile :slight_smile:

Cubase AI5 has been discontinued for several years and is not supported for 10.9. I would suggest upgrading to Cubase 7.5.

The licensing issue is likely that your SeL was damaged in the OS upgrade. Here is an article that should help with that aspect:[keyword_search]=SeL

thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

I will review the article link. Now what I find most strange is that I have the same version of the software installed on my studio mac (mac mini) and also has 10.9.3 and so far I have not had a problem, keep recording as usual.

thank you very much and I mention what happens here :slight_smile:

Greetings from Chile!

Hello, I tell them that after downloading the program that Chris left me above, everything is solved, basically had ke re-install the eLicencer and get new keys from the page, now I programs work again :slight_smile:

thank you very much for the help.

Greetings from Chile

Glad to hear it, have a great rest of the week!