Help With Cubase and new iMac

Just received my new iMac. Been waiting on this machine so that I can get Cubase going.

Installed Cubase Artist 6. Install went well, but now the application won’t open. It gets hung up on loading VSTs, and I get the error message: “You can’t open the application VSTBridgeApp because PowerPC applications are no longer supported.”

There is no such file “VstBridgeApp” on this computer.

Literally the only thing I’ve done on this computer, is copy some Ableton Live files from my other CPU, and downloaded the new version of Live. The Cubase install was the third thing done on the computer.

This is frustrating because everything I’ve done with Cubase has been a hassle. Maybe we pick our DAWs, or maybe our DAWs pick us. Whatever the case, I really want to get Cubase going and could really, really use some help here.

Mac OS 10.7

Aloha a,

This info might help:


The VSTbridge is there to run 32 bit plugins in Cubase 64bit…and is part of cubase.
Looks like there is / are one or more 32 bit plugin(s) in your plugins folder. Could be you copied them over when installing Live?