Help With Dithering

Somebody know how can i disable the internal dither in cubase 8.5 when i preform export (mix down) :question:

Thanks Everybody :exclamation:

Hi you, there is no internal dithering.


Cheers, Ernst

Thank you for your answer Ernst
I still don’t understand it fully…
So lets say that my project set on 96 Khz and i export it to Mp3 file cubase do not add any dither to the process ?
What is the best way (sound wise) to downgrade 96 Khz project into Mp3 File ?

Dither has nothing to do with sample rate what so ever…

Only in use when reducing word length (bit depth), let’s say from 24 bit to 16 bit.

Dithering in cubase is done via the uv22hr plugin, if you don’t have that on your output bus then you’re not dithering.

Do you even need to dither? What is your project bit depth? If it’s 16 bit and your final distribution medium is 16bit then there’s no point dihering, indeed doing so will harm audio quality.

Dithering should only be performed once and only when bit depth is being reduced.

I’m working in 32 bit float / 96 Khz and need to print also 16 bit 44.100 wav file and Mp3 File in the best possible way to Downgrade it

Thank u for all the answers

I usually limit to -0.4db when mastering - yeah I’ll lose the loudness war but it means my tracks sound much better if rendered to mp3.

Do you master differently for different mediums? My daughter’s favorite show is Peppa Pig btw. :wink:
This may be a little off topic but I just watched a lengthy video series about making mixes louder and learned about RMS for the first time (hey, I’m a musician first). I’m wondering if the headroom makes a bigger difference on more compressed formats like MP3?

I used to, but I’m lazy now and just set the limiter to -0.4db - most digital distribution outlets seem to have fairly aggressive compression/levelling these days and not starting out too hot seems to prevent your material being distorted by their processing.

Use the uv22hr plug-in for exporting your mixes to mp3 files. Place it on the very last slot of the inserts and do not be fearful of using its more aggressive settings. I also might suggest using the Brickwall limiter in the slot immediately above the UV22HR. Good luck.