Help with .dll file

I want to install an outside EQ into my Cubase LE AI, I am instructed to copy and paste the .dll file. But what folder do i copy and paste this into, is it the VST folder or something?
Thank you

What EQ? Generally speaking, a VST plugin will have an “installer” which will guide you through the process. VST2 I assume, since you mention .dll?

I want to install one of these free EQs PLUGINS.
It says to only copy and paste the .dll file.

As your link mentions …

“Path example: C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Cubase 7\VSTPlugins”

But I did this per instructed and when i went to ‘inserts’ inside my Cubase all the Cubase VST plugins were easily found but not this one. So what would have caused that?

Is it 32 bit? It might be helpful if you stated which version of Cubase you are actually using.

Did you relaunch Cubase/re-scan plugins?

Is it blacklisted?

FYI… Might help, Fabio posts some good info about VST plugin locations here:

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It’s 32 bit …

Out of curiosity, why do you want to use this plugin?

Maybe you can find something else here …

You’re welcome!