I am working on a song that has two measures of fast double bass drumming. This is a metal hardcore release. The drummers recorded tracks sound good but very natural. I have duplicated the kick drum tracks and I run Drumagog on the duplicated track with a great metal kick sample.

The problem is that the drummers timimg is slightly off on the this double bass drum part. Its not drastic but if I run drumagog with it it just sounds messy.

What is the best way to tighten this kick drum part up. I have watched a few videos on group editing but they all use such a simple beat or slightly nudging one kick into place that it looks so easy. Here the notes are so close and its so fast it doesnt seem to work as well.

Does anyone have a good way that tighten up the timing for kick drums for metal production…I have not really used hitpoints yet and I dont have triggers to record with.
Any tips to make these kicks not sound like a helicopter crashing would be appreciated.

On a side note I tried to cut all the noise out between each kick hit on the natural track and then I copied these hits to the drumagog track to just use the sample on the double bass part. Soundwise this seemed to work ok but the timing is still off. This was aalso a tedious process so i just want to make sure if this is correct or if there is a better way since on the rest of their songs will also have double bass drum parts.

Mike Pelle

Off the top of my head…( cant check right now )

Use the quantize menu- set it to IQ mode “itarative quantize” or something like that / set to desired timing
(For midi, select all events, for audio set your hitpoint threshold accordingly)