Help with engraving

Hello, I need help, I can’t figure it out how to do this in Dorico. I think it’s just another line (token maybe).
I’m attaching a Screenshot.

Thank you for your help.

Fill the token(s) by going to File > Project Info.

If you want to put two lines in, you will likely have to expand the text field vertically in your Page Template.

(If you have problem with line feeds, type the info into the Other Info field with a line feed and then copy/paste it into the composer field.)

Derrek has correctly answered how you’d replicate this in Dorico.

I would like to add that writing “Music & Lyrics:” is redundant and unnecessary. The composer’s name always goes on the right side, and the lyricist’s name always goes on the left. If they are the same person, it’s often just initials on the left, and the full name on the right. This is the standard placement for these names, so they don’t need to be labelled.

Elaine Gould in Behind Bars, pg. 504:

But … When the words and the notes are by the same person, it might look strange (and even more redundant) to just repeat the same name on both sides. It would make me tend to wonder what the difference was. I think the OP’s form is much more sensible in this case.

This is one of Gould’s recommendations that applies rather narrowly to “classical” music scores.

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Thank you all for your replays. I will pay attention to the recommendations.

Yes, I don’t have a problem with seeing “Words and Music” next to the composer.

TBH, I don’t think I’ve seen initials on the other side, and we’d probably chat about what it means in the rehearsal.

In fact, my score of We’ll Gather Lilacs has “Words and Music by” on the left, and “Ivor Novello” on the right.

I am having trouble following your instructions. I have used Dorico extensively, but have not learned Engrave Mode, and now I am stuck.
Thank you for your help.

Here is a sample.
I apologize that I have customized a lot of the Page Templates already, but I hope they can give you something to investigate.

TestProject240329.dorico (450.6 KB)

Derrek, thank you for sharing the Page Template with me. Your input is highly appreciated. I will carefully examine the Page Template you shared and use it as a learning tool. Thanks for your help. I’ll keep you informed about how it goes.

Thank you Derrek. Looking at the TestProjet you sent me, I understand now how to do it. Thank you again.

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