Help with EQ Master-Out

Hello everybody ¿how are you? hope fine! :slight_smile:

I really need your help in order to solve my problem! I buy a Steinberg UR22C four days ago and I conneted it in my Ultrabook as main sound card… so the sound is using by Spotify, Youtube and, of course, Cubase.

The problem is I would like to “equalizer” the out of master when i am, for example, listen to music in Youtube… Sometimes I need to rise the Low frecuencies but i cannot do it :frowning: … If i use the integrated sound-card of my ultrabook, I can equalizer the sound without problems (My HP has a DTS Sound Software to do that).

So, my question is if there is any form that i can equalizer the sound. “Using the UR22C, of course”

Hope you can help me!


I believe that is not possible.
I have another interface, the yamaha N12, where you can send the windows wdm audio any input of the mixer. Then you can use the EQ of that channel. With my ur816c this is not possible

Thanks a lot for your answer ca-booter :slight_smile: I really appreciate!

Understood your point! the idea is not switching the interface between Windows and Cubase but if it is the only way in order to EQ my “standard” listening to session music, I will do it! :stuck_out_tongue:

I thought may exists any sofwtare or plug-in of Cubase to do that :frowning: … no problem i will continue switching between integrated soundcard from Windows and Steinberg UR22C depending of my necessity!

Thanks for your Time! Regards!