Help with expression mapping

Hello lovely forum users, I’m hoping someone with some expression map experience might be able to help me out! I’m just trying to modify the default HSSE Nylon Guitar VX expression map to include a mapping for the Laissez vibrer playing technique, using an on event of CC64 = 127.

With the “let ring…” line covering the entirety of the first bar, my off event (CC64 = 0) doesn’t seem to register with HALion, and the first bar blends into the second.

I can nudge it back ever so slightly in time to achieve the desired result but I’m wondering if I’m approaching it incorrectly?

What happens if you start your second “let ring” a 32nd or 16th after the start of the second measure in order to catch the first note before it ends but assure separation from the end of the first “let ring”?

(I am kind of drawing a parallel with pedaling technique here.)

Yep that also works, and better than moving the previous one back as it ensures no gap between them.