Help with expression maps

I am struggling to get some key concepts down.

  1. Is there a way to let Dorico know what my preferred sound is for an instrument? i.e. I want it to use HSO flute, but VSLs Trombone, is there a way to have it load those sounds by default?
  2. If I have Flute legato in Kontakt in channel 1 and Flute Staccato in Kontakt in channel 2, how can I tell dorico to switch channels? (I see HSO works with key switches and that’s pretty straight forward but struggling with channel changes)
  3. (kind of a combination of question 1 and 2), if I want to use Flute legato from HSO but Flute staccato from VSL, is there a way to tell dorico to switch between them automatically?

Thanks for the help.

I’m keen to start my first real project with Dorico

I’m afraid you can’t really achieve any of these things just yet. Your first question would be answered by being able to define your own playback template, i.e. you would set up the virtual instruments and their relationships to the actual instruments to which they correspond in Play mode, then save this as a template that you can reuse for new projects. Unfortunately this is not yet fully implemented.

Your second and third questions rely on being able to assign multiple endpoints (i.e. combinations of virtual instrument, channel, patch, etc.) to individual instruments, which is similarly planned (and to some degree supported at the lower levels) but not yet fully implemented.

Thank you! No worries. Just thought I’m missing something.