Help with external hardware

Good morning

I am currently using 8.5 pro on a pc using windows 10 with a focusrite 2i2 audio interface.
Just purchased a roland tr-08s running through the usb cable.
it shows up that cubase knows its there as when using f2 tab it shows volume in side bar but no sound coming through. ive tried audio tracks but still nothing.
any ideas as majorly frustrating but hopefully something simple

thanks in advance for any advice


Sorry, I don’t know Roland TR-08s, but from the quick look, it doesn’t seem it can act as an Audio Device. So you can’t hear an Audio Loops from Cubase over TR-08s.

Use Focusrite 2i2 as your Audio Device and connect audio jack cables from Roland’s outputs to Focusrite inputs. Then add a monitor Audio track in Cubase. I.e. add an Audio track, set the input to the inputs where did you connect your Roland to and enable Monitor button on the track (to make sure the input signal goes thru Cubase engine to the output).

Good morning martin
Thankyou for your reply.
That solution seemed t get me a lot further on.
Doing through monitored audio channel picked it up and visually recorded it.
but on playback there is no sound to it.
I even exported the file and tried it in adobe audition but that shows an empty file.


If you have recorded the sound as audio signal, disable the Monitor, please.

Once the Monitor is enabled, the input of the channel/track is audible. Once the Monitor is disable, the recorded data/signal is audible.


can you open a new thread for this request - it’s not polite to hijack another thread.

thankyou for that mate. its always the simple things. works spot on now
Thankyou for you help. Much appreciated.